We are proud of our NSPCC Christmas Fair

The West Mersea NSPCC Christmas Fair is run by a group of mums in West Mersea. We organise the fair in our spare time because we are passionate about the work of the NSPCC and when we receive thanks for the work we do it makes us proud to be a part of this fantastic event.
If you are unsure whether you want have a stall at the next Christmas Fair, please take a read of the testimonials we have received after previous fairs:

“As a member of a couple of committees, I do know that it is in no small way thanks to all the hard work they do.  My sales weren’t down.  I do accept that it is getting more and more difficult to get people to part with their money and you do have to work particularly hard at selling!  You get fed up with your own voice in the end!” (2011)

“I really enjoyed being at the NSPCC Fair on West Mersea last weekend. As a newcomer, I was impressed with the organisation and the standard and quality of the items on offer and was personally very satisfied with my results. The fair was extremely well organised and everyone was really helpful, friendly and hospitable and I had good interraction with the other stallholders.” (2011)

“We really had a great day at your fair and would love to come back next year! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming it was worth the hours drive to Mersea!” Marianne Beaney – Simply Fun. (2010)

“I can only echo what others have said, I had a very good day in all respects. Thank you all for the hard work that obviously went in to the fayre. My mother and I really enjoyed our day. The atmosphere and the hospitality were great. Looking forward to seeing you again next year.” Lisa Merrett -Alaric Clothing (2010)

“Just wanted to thank you for fitting us into the NSPCC Fair – hope you raised plenty of funds!  Please pass on our thanks to all organisers – it was a really sociable and fun day.”  – Jenny Allenby (2009)

“The fair was great I really enjoyed it. Would love to be part of next year.  Thank you” – Eilish Lee – Cakeilishious (2009)

“It was a great event – well done all you for organising it! We bought some lovely things!” – Nicky (2009)

“I really did enjoy Saturday, gosh was I tired afterwards. I was really encouraged with the feedback and orders I took. This was the first event I’ve done as Amega Fleur, so I was really pleased. Congratulations on how much you raised, that is fantastic.”  Felicity (2009)

“Many thanks for all you help last Satirday. The Fair was well attended I thought and a great new location. Thank you to those saintly ladies whooffered stall holders a cup of tea- something so simple that makes all the difference.I hope that the NSPCC benefited well and I hope to see you all again next year or at any other fund raising events in the year that you may let me know of.”  Alex (2009)

“A week later and I think I have recovered, hope all the organisers have too. My first time there as a stall holder and I was very impressed with the well organised and good humored NSPCC volunteers ( and family conscripts ) – the refreshments for stallholders was a particularly well appreciated gesture. Also well done on all the advertising – it had the desired effect and drew in the crowds. Hope to be there next year”.  Kate Gladwin – Wigborough Traditional Meats (2009)

“Great fair, I did really well and the atmosphere was good too, great fun and stallholders were looked after extremely well – mince pies, sandwiches, tea and mulled wine !” Jane Ashmore – Lily Lemon. (2008)

“Highly recommend the fair, stallholders looked after very well, I have recommended it to all my friends and the products to buy are of high quality” Mina Rathod (2008)

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